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PadmaShree and Shilpguru awardee

Shri Shree lal Joshi is the most versatile and renowned Phad painter of all his fellow painters working around the world. He has acquired the reputation of being an elite artist.

Born on 5th  March1931, his father Shri Ramchandra Joshi initiated him into family-art at very young age of 13. He has a rich experience of around six decades in different paintings style of Rajasthan. The worthy son of distinguished Joshi family of Shahpura has given new dimensions of identification & fame to the art of Phad painting by developing contemporary style. He developed his own style. He discovered many new techniques and painted quite original & meaningful compositions. He is also renowned for his Wall paintings. Besides Phad , He also does wall painting. He has got National Award for his Wall Painting at Crafts Museum, New Delhi. He does wall painting in ancient fresco style. Elephant, Horses, Lions, and women with the pitchers on their heads are the usual motifs of his painting. 

To begin with his experimentation, He has introduced & composed small sized Phad painting with  new subjects in traditional art-form viz. Maharana Pratap, Prithvi Raj Chouhan, Rani Hadi, Padmini Jouhar, Dhola Maru, Amar Singh rathore, Haldi Ghati and Geet Govind, Nal-Damyanti, Ramayan, Mahabharat, Kumar Sambhava, Buhha & Mahaveera. Tukras (Small pieces) paintings were introduced by him. His works have been bought by the Bhopas, Antic Dealers, Foreign Tourist, Private & Government Emporia, Private Art Galleries. & Museums. 

A long association with Komal Ji Kothari, Dr. Kapila Vatsayan & Dr. Jyotindra Jain has always been the inspiring force that urged Shree lal Joshi to experiment & innovate in the age-old art of Phad painting. Recognition came to Shree lal Joshi’s distinct style in form of many International & National awards. He achieved National Award, Padma Shree award & Shiplguru awards. He was showered with honour when the Government of India issued Rs. 5/- postal stamp on his famous creation- "Phad of Shri Devnarayan”

Already a legend at the age of 75 years, He exudes the same passion for the art while guiding his students for 6-7 hours everyday in his workshop towards perfection in the traditional art-form.

Foreign Exhibitions

Chicago, West Germany, Russia, Sweden, Japan, Australia, Pakistan, Austria, Singapore,

New York, Washington

National Exhibitions

New Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai, Baroda, Ahemedabad, Banglore, Bhopal, Indore

Documentaries on Work

“The Folklore” By Director ManiKaul

“Phad Painting & Shri Lal Joshi” by Lalit Kala Academy

“Painted Epics of Rajathan” by Door Darshan

”Twenty four Bagrwat Bros. & Lord Dev narayan” by JC Miller, USA

“Phad Paintings of Rajasthan” BBC, London

International Collection

Linden Museum, Germany

Leforet Museum, Japan

Albert Museum, London

Landes Museum, Austria

Smith Sonian Museum, Washington

Syracuse University, USA

Etenografisca Museum, Stolkholm

Swedan and in museums of Singapore, Germany, Holland and France 

National Collection

National Museum, New Delhi

Indira Gandhi Nationa Art Museum, New Delhi

National Craft Museum, New Delhi

Hare Krishna Museum, Kurushetra

Bhartia Lok Kala Mandal, Udaipur 

Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur 

Sanskriti Museum ,New Delhi

International Awards

SAARC International Award, Islamabad

Black Magician Award, German Festival, Stuttgart

National Awards

National Merit Award, New Delhi, 1969,72,74

National Award, 1984

Silver Award, Bhartiya Lok Kala Mandal,1979

Kala Shree Award, Haryana Govt.,1989

Bhuwalka Public Welfare Award, Marudhara Institute, Calcutta, 1994

Padma Shree Award, New Delhi, 2006

Sangeet Shyamla Award, Kolkata, 2007

Shilpguru Award, 2007

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